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On this page I will be putting pictures of the past and the present of family and friends. If you have any old pictures you can send them to me and I will put them here for everyone to see. I hope you enjoy.

Shirley Belton

Mildred Patterson

Barry Weaver

Delores holding Glenn      Oct, 21 1956

Eddie & Rod  April 1969

Glenn Belton with JoAnne    standing on the right        Sept 8, 1960

Glenn & Crystal Belton        Nov 1961

Valerie, Shirley Belton, Glenn with head on lap, Aunt Tude & Gwen

Shirley Belton holding Glenn Oct 21, 1956

Monique Belton

Johnny, Patricia Belton holding Glenn Belton, Nick, Shirley Belton Oct 21, 1956

Ralph Belton & friends

Crystal, Ralph, and Glenn Belton


Ronnie, Glenn, Uncle Bob, & Marc, 1975

Adrienne, Mary, Glenn, Jennifer, & Nicole 1975

Ronnie, Charlie & Ralph 1975

Frank, York, & Ralph Belton 1984

Frank, York, & Ralph Belton

Grandma & Uncle Ed, 1975

Eddie, Glenn, & Rod 1984

Mona, Dawn, & Adrienne Belton

Grandma 1975

Irene, Williebelle, Shirley, Patricia, Victor, Marjorie, & Gloria

Ralph Belton and Friend

Patricia & Victor Maynard

Rod, Chipper, Anthony, & Eddie 1975

 Ralph Belton

York Belton

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